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"A close-up of a woman wearing a gradient halter neck bikini with colors transitioning from white at the top to pink at the bottom. The bikini top has gathered fabric at the center, creating a ruched effect, and is complemented by a smooth, seamless bikini bottom in a vibrant pink shade. The woman is leaning against a textured grey wall in a sunlit setting, with her face not visible in the frame, focusing the image on the swimwear.
A model in a white-to-pink ombre bikini poses outdoors.
Close-up image of a woman in a floral Aqua Bendita bikini with the text 'New Bikinis from Aqua Bendita' and a 'Shop Now' button.
Promotional banner for Aqua Bendita featuring new bikini collection. Three side-by-side images of a woman wearing a floral bikini. On the left, she is emerging from water facing the camera, center image shows her from the front gazing to the side, and on the right, she is seen from the back. Overlaid text reads 'New Bikinis from Aqua Bendita' with a 'Shop Now' button beneath the center image
Mobile banner featuring a close-up of a model in an orange crochet bikini from the 'New Indah Arrivals' collection. The model is standing on a sunny beach with her hand shading her eyes, symbolizing a bright summer day. A coral-colored call-to-action button reads 'Shop Now' to encourage viewers to explore the new collection.
Web banner showcasing 'Shop New Indah Arrivals' with images of a model wearing an orange crochet bikini. The model is posing on a beach with clear blue skies and rock formations in the background, evoking a summer feel. A 'Shop Now' button is prominently displayed to invite browsing and shopping.